Looking for finance?

Can I get finance to help me spread the cost of my solar installation?

Some Energeasy Solar installers are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means they will be able to offer finance to help you purchase your solar installation.

If you are looking for finance, ask any of the Energeasy Solar installers you speak to if this is something that they can offer. If they can, always ask if they are authorised by the FCA to offer finance.

What are Free on Roof schemes?

"Free on Roof" is different to purchasing your installation using finance. Free on Roof installations are typically where you do not pay the company you are buying from to have solar power installed on your home - so you pay nothing for the product or the labour cost to install it. 

Under a Free on Roof Scheme the majority of the benefit goes to the installation company that are using your roof to claim any available incentives.