Panel cleaning

Cleaning your solar panels

If you want to ensure your panels continue to generate the maximum electricity possible, we recommend they are professionally cleaned annually as a minimum. 

If you are in a location that has dusty atmosphere (near a factory for example) or have a high incidence of bird droppings, then you may need them cleaned more often. This can be arranged through our Energeasy Solar installers. Attempting to clean panels yourself with unsuitable products could damage your panels and invalidate Rexel's Production Guarantee.

Remember, solar panels need specialist cleaning. The use of the wrong type of cleaning fluid could potentially leave a sticky residue on your panels which can impair their performance. Plus, the right cleaning tools must be used to ensure the panels do not get scratched. You will also need to have your panels cleaned annually, if you want to benefit from the Rexel 5 Year Production Guarantee.

Rexel have created  a partnership with Clean Solar Solutions, who specialise in cleaning solar panels. Your Rexel Energeasy Solar installer can arrange this for you, whether you are a new customer or if you had your panels installed previously.