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Dorset homeowner enjoys guaranteed PV performance


Energeasy Solar delivers a quality tailor made PV solution...and guarantees its generation and Feed-in tariff revenue.

The Challenge

Mr Michael Bird was considering PV solar as part of ongoing improvements to his bungalow property in Ferndown, Dorset, but had yet to find a suitable installer and solution after receiving 12 quotes for the job. The roof at the rear of the property was south-facing, but partially shaded at certain times of the day owing to tall trees in neighbouring properties, all of which were protected from removal.

The Project

In his research into options for solar power, Mr Bird found and entered his details into the Rexel Energeasy Solar website, which were sent to three Energeasy installers. A site visit was arranged with one installer to establish the suitability of his roof for PV and to put together a quote and the estimated annual electricity generation, that would provide Mr Bird with a 5 year Production Guarantee on both his electricity generation and income from the Feed-in tariff.

The Solution

The Energeasy Solar installer was the only one to suggest that advantage be taken of the west-facing roof, which would capture the sun’s last rays and generate electricity at a time when family demand for hot water was at its greatest. Energeasy Solar installed 10 LG panels on the south-facing aspect and 4 panels on the west facing front of the house. Enphase micro inverters were also used, which ensures that Mr Bird is able to maximise the generation from his panels, even though he has shading on his roof. The Rexel PV monitoring system was also installed, which currently comes free with the Production Guarantee!

Guaranteed generation and Feed-in Tariff revenue...monitored for peace of mind

Mr Bird was provided with a Rexel 5 year Production Guarantee based on an estimated annual production value of 3,537KWh.He is able to enjoy total peace of mind in his investment, as Rexel will pay him the value of any shortfall on both his electricity generation and Feed-in tariff, should his production fall below 90% of the estimate during the first 5 years after installation. He, and the installer, can monitor the estimated vs the actual performance, using the Rexel PV monitoring website which provides real-time data. Rexel also monitors Mr Bird’s PV system remotely and, if any performance issues are identified, Rexel will notify his Energeasy Solar installer so they can be rectified as soon as possible.

Mr Bird commented, ‘The whole process was not only professional but very customer focused, with every detail explained fully at our face to face meetings. All the work was carried out when agreed, and to the stated timescale and cost with minimal disruption. All the supplied paperwork was easy to understand, organised and fully self-explanatory, as is the monitoring of the panels and the electricity production via the internet. I would have no hesitation in recommending you, as the time was taken by yourselves to listen to my queries, explain the options and benefits of Solar to me, and then to deliver the product as agreed’. Mike Bird - West Moors, Dorset.

Our Energeasy Solar installer says, ‘As an approved Energeasy Solar installer, we are able to offer our clients a 5 year Production Guarantee which provides them with real peace of mind in their investment. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service, and can rely on Rexel to provide fully tested, quality products at the right place and time. Having the support and endorsement of a global leader in energy solutions, adds real value to our offering, and sharing the same customer-focused values makes this an ideal partnership’.


Source: Rexel Energy Solutions