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Over 2,000 UK homes per week are now installing solar power!


Solar power continues to grow in popularity, but many people considering it are still unaware that they get paid for the electricity they generate and are unsure how they can find a reputable installer.

The latest research from YouGuv, which has commissioned by Rexel, has found that 81% of UK adults are concerned about rising energy bills, with nearly half saying they would like to use rooftop solar as a way to mitigate them.

Encouragingly, 49% of people who do not already have solar panels, say they think they would install them if they had the money to do so - or had financial support. Cost continues to remain the main barrier, with 38% of people put off by the upfront investment.

Although the Government offers incentives to generate your own electricity with solar panels, known as the Feed-in tariff, 61% of home owners don’t know what these are. Energeasy Solar from Rexel provides a comprehensive written and video guide to the Feed-in tariff and a simulator which estimates how much electricity your roof could generate and what your annual income would be from the Feed-in tariff.

12% of home owners say they are, or are likely to start, investigating installing solar panels as a way to mitigate energy price rises. The latest figures from DECC support this, showing that over 2,000 UK homes per week are now installing solar panels.

However the research showed a significant number worried about even investigating solar. 30% weren’t sure they could trust solar sales people and 18% worried about finding a reliable installer. This is why Rexel Energeasy Solar can put you in touch with a number of reputable installers in your area, which have been selected based on the quality of the service they deliver. Each one is MCS accredited, which means they follow the solar industry's standard rules and regulations.

A third of people who don’t have solar panels would be more likely to install them if there was a guarantee they would pay for themselves within eight to ten years. This rose to 42% for guaranteed energy generation.

“There is clearly a healthy appetite for on-roof solar energy in the UK but too few people know about the financial incentives and support available,” says Brian Smithers, Strategic Development Director, Rexel. "Rexel’s own Energeasy Solar platform allows you to calculate your energy generation and likely income, and identify reputable installers. We even compensate people if the generation falls below 90% of what is promised, by offering a 5 year production guarantee. Solar is not suitable for everyone, but if you don’t have the information, you can’t make that decision.”

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Source: Rexel Energy Solutions & YouGuv

Summary of findings and additional statistics:

5% of respondents already had solar panels

49% of those who don’t currently have solar panels say they would be encouraged to install them they had the money or financial support to do so

61% said they had no idea what feed in tariffs are and only 10% felt they fully understood what they were

38% believe solar is not worth the upfront investment.

30% would be held back from investigating solar due to concern about trust in solar sales people and 18% about being able to find a reliable installer

24% currently without them said they would be encouraged to install solar panels if they simply knew where to go for advice.

19% said they don’t like the way solar panels look

Only 5% felt worried the neighbours would disapprove

16% said nothing would encourage them to install solar panels.